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The Most Popular Fitness Regimes of the Past Year

It’s not 2019 and the world is still obsessed with fitness. Fortunately, however, this craze is no longer confined with social media vanity and is now more in-line with really taking care of one’s health and promoting authentic fitness. Now, bulging bodies and rippling abs are secondary to actually living an active and healthy lifestyle that’ll ensure a longer and happier life. Even people of different ages, kids and the elderly alike, are starting to get into the fitness craze. Working out is no longer a young person’s game, everyone is trying their best to keep fit and staying in shape.

This past 2018 alone saw a multitude of fitness trends. They vary from taking on a personal trainer to incorporating technology into your regime. Going into 2019, these trends remain to be popular and are expected to still be well-known by the end of this year. And for a better perspective, here are the most popular fitness regimes of the past year.

Group Training

For many people, working out is a solo activity, but in 2018, several of them started working out in groups. Group training was among the most popular types of working out. People started scheduling fitness sessions, renting out studios and gyms, and hold classes together to be fit and healthy. This fosters within them a healthy sense of competition as well as motivation. When you feel tired and all worked up from all the exercising, another person can push you into withstanding more, all for the sake of that healthier and ultimately fitter body.

Whole-Body Vibration Training

Whole-Body vibration training consists of doing exercises on a vibrating machine, from aerobics to yoga. It’s not only effective and keeping you fit and in shape, but it’s also a relaxing alternative to the more mainstream and overused workouts. Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly popular for a multitude of reasons. One of which is that it’s an easy and more economic fitness venture than going to the gym. A vibration machine can easily be accessible to you at all times and whenever you can or when you feel like it, you can do the training.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is practically the most common exercise out there. This is the type that schools teach in gym class. It’s all about working with what you have and, in the process, strengthening it. Push-ups and pull-ups require you to lift yourself up with a rhythmic frequency that helps you develop a fitter body. It also encourages better blood flow and pumps your adrenaline in a calm and cool manner. This is also another exercise that you can do on a vibration machine, doubling its health benefits and physical rewards.

Training with Technology

Since technology is borderline inescapable nowadays, why not incorporate it into your fitness regime? In recent years, exercising with technology has become so much more common. In actuality, this all started with your normal gym equipment, but then it went on to include your mobile phone through apps and hi-tech programs that monitor your heart rate, blood flow, and more. This is where exercising with vibrating machine started as well, eventually becoming its own popular regime. Nowadays, there are all sorts of technology, both equipment and wearable gadgets that help people get into shape in a more effective and safer way.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training is all about working out in an intense manner. Whether you’re running, lifting weights, or doing aerobics, you do all the normal exercises with a more focused mind and with more intense rigor. It’s only when you take a few breaks in between sessions that you get to conserve and gain more energy, which you will then use up for the next intense workout. To make it more relaxing, you can incorporate a vibration machine, some music, or do it with friends.  

Home Workouts

There came a time in the not-so-distant past that exercising meant exclusively going to the gym. These establishments became so popular and trendy that people only exercised in that space and nowhere else. Fortunately, in recent years, working out at home has become popular again. Due to the overpriced membership fees and the crowds of gym-goers filling up every establishment, many have made their own homes as their personal fitness spaces. They’ve also installed their own equipment at home as well, such as treadmills, indoor spin bikes, vibration machines, and more.

Working when Working Out

And since working at home is now easier, and practically working anywhere for that matter, exercising while doing your job has also become a popular fitness regime in the past year. Firstly, for those who work in their own homes, many of them do so while working out. A number of offices in various industries have also encouraged exercising within their own working spaces, installing the likes of yoga studios, vibrating plates, and workout mats in the office. Similarly, gyms have also incorporated special areas within their establishments wherein people can take a break from working out to do their jobs.

Personal Training

Becoming a personal trainer has become a lucrative career move for many people. These days, the demand for fitness experts to help in working out has only gotten stronger, with various trainers handling multiple clients at a time. It seems that people find it more motivational and more comfortable when there’s someone there pushing them to do better at getting into shape. These professionals also discipline those who try to quit and encourages them to go at it one more time. Working out is quite a strenuous activity so it’s not surprising that many people need to be forced into it in order to do it.

Aerial Yoga

Yoga has always been popular, but recently, aerial yoga has tickled the fancy of many yogis. It’s a fun and exciting variation of the workout wherein you hang from the ceiling through a hammock and do the standard poses while suspended up in the air. For some, this feels better than doing yoga on a mat because the suspension makes them feel lighter and more flexible. However, one has to reach a certain level of yoga expertise before taking this on. Aerial yoga isn’t the best type of exercise to start.

Make 2019 your year by working out! You can do all these popular fitness regimes or find one that suits you, which may possibly become a big trend for the new year!

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