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No Weights Strength Training

In your pursuit of promoting physical fitness, how will you know that you’ve grown stronger? Is it when you’ve achieved a better body? Is it when you’re able to lift objects you weren’t able to before? Or do you simply feel it inside that you’ve become physically stronger? The truth of this matter is all these conclusions are correct. Strength, in the physical sense, can be defined in various ways. It can be how energetic you remain at the end of a long day or a strenuous workout. It’s how much your body has developed through all the exercising. And it can also be that you can now lift stuff that you couldn’t before.

The way you make yourself strong also varies in principle. The more commonly known and used method is by lifting weights. But what if you don’t want to do that or simply have no time to go to the gym? Here are other ways in which you can grow stronger without having to lift a single steel weight.

Eat Right

First thing’s first, you’ll have to eat right. All the exercising won’t do anything if you’re not putting the right food in your mouth. As they often say in the fitness world: “It’s 30% in the gym, 70% in the kitchen.”  Growing up, your parents probably stressed the necessity of eating fruits and vegetables for you to grow stronger and healthier, and this is 100% correct. But to be more specific, avocados can help promote proper blood circulation so all your body parts will have the same amount of energy to become stronger. Broccoli, on the other hand, contains all sorts of vitamins and minerals that help you develop stronger muscles. The same goes for other foods in different groups such as eggs, chicken breast, fish, and more!

Lift Your Own Weight

While you prefer not to lift heavy steel weights from the gym in order to become stronger, you can always lift yourself. Doing push-ups and pull-ups are quintessential exercises that help you develop a stronger core foundation and leaner arms and legs. Just think about it: you’re depending your whole body weight on your arms and toes when you do push-ups—you have all the reason to garner as much strength as you can to lift yourself up. The same goes for pull-ups as well. Perhaps the biggest ace these exercises have against lifting weights in the gym is that they’re easy, manageable and you can do them just about anywhere you want (as long as the place is appropriate).


Another easy exercise—although some people might argue that this is more of a warm-up than an actual exercise—is to simply stretch. The moment you wake up or when you feel like your body has become too tight, reach out your body as far as it can to stretch out all the tensions and promote flexibility. A flexible body is essentially a stronger body. When your muscles are flexible and aren’t too compact and tight, they can withstand just about anything, from the heaviest of objects to the most tireless activities. And when you can easily endure such, it’s a good sign that you’ve grown stronger. Fortunately, you can also do yoga as a formal exercise that’s also incredibly relaxing.

Do Whole-Body Vibration Therapy

Is it possible to grow stronger without doing anything? Kind of! Whole-body vibration therapy can strengthen your muscles without you having to lift a finger. Well, the only finger-lifting you’ll need to do here is to turn on the vibration machine, but other than that, you’ll only have to sit or stand for as long as you please. In a relatively similar fashion as stretching, the vibrating properties of such a machine soothe your muscles to rejuvenate and reinvigorate them to withstand further physical stimulation. You’re more able to lift a chair, throw a baseball farther, and more when your muscles and relaxed and flexible. And whole-body vibration therapy does this in a way that you don’t have to do much else.

Incorporate Squats into Everyday Actions

Usually, a strong body is marked with bulging arms when one flexes the arms. But great sets of thighs, legs, and feet are also important displays of a strong body. In fact, squats are easy and effective exercises in strengthening your whole body, not just the lower half. Luckily, you can still do this without having to lift weights, and what’s even better is that you can incorporate squats into your day-to-day life. Have enough time to walk in your office halls before your next meeting? Squat with every step. Just sitting around while waiting for someone? Do squats to pass the time. Even when you’re just at home watching TV or listening to music, you can still squat in your bedroom to strengthen your body.

Go on a Hike

In relation to many points on this list, a great recreational activity you can do is to go on a nature hike. Firstly, this adventure can better prepare your body for anything, especially if you’re faced with a rather challenging trail. Want to lift yourself up in order to strengthen your body? Go rock climbing and take your own body to the top of a cliff (but make sure you have the right gear for the job!). Want to strengthen your lower half? Squat or jog along the way, and don’t forget to marvel at all the natural sights! Furthermore, not only will such physical stimulation strengthen your body, but it’ll also get you healthier with all the fresh air you’ll be breathing!


Finally, a strong body is also a state of mind as it is a physical manifestation. In order to be strong, you’ll have to think that you are. It’ll be more possible for you to achieve the physical aspect of such with this mindset. In this regard, the best thing you can do is to meditate. Take some time and clear your head or focus on positive thoughts. The more you stress out and focus on negative thoughts, the more your muscles will tighten and cramp, making you weaker than stronger. You can also condition yourself into believing that you are a stronger person in order to physically manifest it into a reality!

Spending time in the gym isn’t the only way to become stronger. These exercises can make you stronger without having to tire yourself out!

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