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Nothing to be embarrassed about, there are 7 million people in the US who also suffer from fibromyalgia. The number one way to alleviate the pain of this disease is exercise. Sounds easy, but when exercising causes pain, it’s not easy to do. Vibration machines such as the Elite are ideal for this purpose. It has motions, which are very high amplitude, which means that it moves a great distance per cycle, and it operates at lower speeds, which makes the unit feel much more gentle than other machines. This combination of movement and speed is also ideal for treating Fibromyalgia. Using a machine like the Elite should be painless and it will help you get that muscle strength back. Using the machine will have a snowball effect, where the more you use it, the easier it becomes to use and the less painful it is, and using it also gains muscle strength, making it easier to use. The hardest part for most people is getting started. Once you begin, it’s easy after that. The Elite M7 version has some internal programs in it that are designed specifically for Fibromyalgia and the included DVD makes it easy to follow along for a guided 10-minute routine (4 videos on the DVD) to get the most out of the machine.

The 2 units offer the exact same motions and speeds and look very similar. The differences are: The M3 has no vibration dampener, the M7 does. The M3 has 600W & 300W motors, the M7 has 800W & 400W motors. The M3 has 7 built-in programs, the M7 has 28 programs including 8 specifically designed for seniors. I hope this helps you better understand the differences between the 2 machines.

All the machines we sell are brand new machines. The exceptions are machines that are sold in our refurbished section. Some of these units will be brand new machines with minor cosmetic defects, others are slightly used machines and others are machines which were returned to us but were unused, but since the carton was opened they can not be sold as new. The specific information and history of each machine offered will be in the description section.

We offer a seniors discount of $100 off the sale price for anyone over 65 years of age. We greatly appreciate the efforts and dedication of those in the military service, past and present. As a token of our appreciation we offer a $100 military discount (in addition to any other discounts available) which can be applied to any new Genesis Kinetic vibration machine we offer. This discount offer is also available to the many men and women in our nation who are first responders. Thank you for all that you do and have done.

Vibra Pro Fitness delivers to Continental US addresses. If you are not in the USA, please email us to get more information about shipping to various locations around the world.

The Kinetic and the Sport are great machines for increasing muscle and this may help alleviate the back pain you are experiencing, as the extra muscle may be enough to cause a slight separation between the discs, which could relieve the pressure on your nerve or in some cases completely release it.

Many seniors are getting great benefits from using The Genesis Elite M7 machine. This particular vibration machine has very unique motion styles which were designed specifically for seniors. The Elite machine has very soft motions, which will not be disruptive to aching joints. The Elite M7 version also includes 8 specific internal programs designed specifically for seniors.

Open box units are machines that have had their cartons physically opened for various reasons. Some are returned from customers, others had physical damage to the box and were opened by us for inspection. In either case any missing components are replaced and in some cases the carton will be replaced. If the machine was actually returned, it is inspected to determine if it was ever assembled or operated. If it was, it will be classified as a used machine. If it was not it will be classified as an open box item. All machines sold as open box or used come with a standard 90-day warranty, and warranty upgrades are available on them, in the same manner they are available for brand new machines.

Some vibration machine sellers will try and mislead you into thinking that you need incredibly high G Forces for an effective workout. This is not true. For example, 17 G is too excessive for human beings to sustain without injury. More realistic numbers would be between 3-8 G forces. This gives the human body a great workout and yet reduces or even eliminates the opportunity of over straining the joints. Having a continuous lower G Force application is much better than peaks of incredibly high forces. Astronauts and pilots pass out when reaching 11 G Forces.

Machines like the Elite should help with your weight loss goals, but they may not be the best machine for reducing back pain. The Elite is not an all around or universal use machine. The Kinetic or the Sport would be better suited for you as they are considered all purpose, universal use machines. Though they may not be as great as the Elite for weight loss, they will help with that goal and they can also be very helpful for circulation issues as well as pain relief and for building muscle strength.

Having breast implants should not be a concern for using whole body vibration machines. However, if the implants are recent, then you should not use the vibration machine. Any recent surgery would be a contraindicator for using whole body vibration machines. You should wait at least 6 months after healing from the surgical procedure before using the vibration machine.

The personal trainer programs are available for certain versions of the Kinetic and certain versions of the Sport machines. Simply choose one of the 6 available programs and insert the program module into the corresponding slot on the head of the machine. This will automate the controls of the machine to a very specific workout, where the speeds, motions and times are controlled by the program module. The program will automatically change the speed and or motion of the machine every few seconds or every minute to give you the best results. There is a matching poster with each program and you simply follow the step by step guided poses and stances on the machine.

Generally speaking, pacemakers are typically installed in the chest or in the abdomen. If yours is in the abdomen, you may have to restrict the types of exercises that you perform on the vibration machine. If it’s in the chest, this should not cause any concerns. Just as with any exercise program, you should check with your personal physician to ensure your heart is strong enough for exercise and to ensure that your heart is able to beat rapidly without concern.

There are currently 6 different Vibra Pro Personal trainer programs available. Available programs: Yoga (designed to improve flexibility), Lymphatic drainage, Muscle (designed for increasing muscle strength, Endurance (designed for increasing bone density and stamina), Weight Loss and Massage (designed to increase circulation). Diabetes is best controlled by utilizing the circulation improving feature of the Massage program, and you may possibly benefit from utilizing the Weight Loss program as well, if your body weight is a contributing factor of your diabetes concerns, which is very common.

There are 4 different training DVD’s available. These are designed as follow along, encouraging demonstrations of various exercise poses to perform when using our whole body vibration machines. Some of the exercises shown in the videos utilize the built in programs of specific machines, which makes matching your speeds and motions to the machines in the videos effortless. The machines used in the videos may not be exactly the same machine you have at home, so the speed and motion settings would be different. For this reason, the machine settings may not be shown on all videos.

In theory using a whole body vibration machine should not cause your body any harm. However, there are many manufacturers who still sell and distribute Triplanar style machines. These particular vibration machines can cause severe damage to knees, hips, ankles and other soft tissue areas. Fortunately, these types of machines are not very common any longer. Aside from Triplanar machines there are a few companies that also try and mimic the appearance of our Vibra Pro machines. These machines may look similar to ours, and they may have what appears to be the same types of motions, but they do not have any sort of vibration dampening systems in place. Vibration dampening is extremely important, as it can remove any harmful effects of standing on a vibrating plate. One should take precautions when using any vibration machine that does not utilize vibration dampening.

That’s great news that you chose to start using a whole body vibration machine. The Genesis Elite is a great machine for seniors or for those who don’t exercise regularly. Anyone who is just starting to exercise should take things slow at first and gradually increase the amount of exercise and the difficulty level of their exercises. Every individual is different and everyone has different needs and abilities. Generally speaking most people use their machines once a day for 10 minutes. However, many people also use their machines 2, 3 and even 4 times a day. You should not over do it as you may not realize how much work your body is doing when you are standing on a vibration machine. Start with a 5 minute routine every other day, as you start to feel stronger and have more energy go to 10 minutes sessions every other day. Eventually you will be using the machine for 10 minutes every day, and if you are not too tired use it twice a day. Give yourself plenty of rest between sessions. If you feel tired, just cut back a bit.

Sorry, but we don’t offer any student discounts at this time. However, we do have a $100 seniors discount and a $100 military or first responders discount. These discounts can be used on any new vibration machine and can also be used to further discounts on items, already on sale.

Unfortunately due to copyright restrictions of the music contained on the DVD’s we can not show the entirety of the DVD online, nor are we allowed to make it downloadable. However, there are many other training videos on our website that you can watch.

All our machines ship with a large full color wall poster which shows 25 of the most common poses that you could perform when using the machine.

Currently, we are working with PayPal to bring our customers a very good payment and deferral program. On purchases over $1000 you could obtain financing over 5 years. As an added bonus you will have no payments for the first 6 months, no down payment is required, and you have 0% interest for the first 6 months. Credit approval is required. For more information please visit

Anytime that you are using a vibration machine your legs should not be straight. Always have your legs bent at the knees. This helps use your legs as shock absorbers, but more importantly it forces the legs to work harder to maintain your balance. This makes your typical 10 minute workout much more effective.

The Kinetic K7 as with the Sport and the Elite machines are shipped in 2 separate cartons. The base is in 1 carton and the column in another. There is minor assembly required to attach the column to the base and attach handlebars to the column. This is a relatively easy task and you should be able to perform the assembly by yourself. However, for those that may not be able to assemble the machine, we do offer a ‘white glove delivery service’. There is an additional fee for this service, and it is only available in specific areas. This option includes having a technician carry the machine to whichever room in the house you desire, and the technician will assemble the entire machine, test and balance it and show you how to operate the machine. They will even take away the cardboard boxes for you. Please speak with someone in our customer care department for more information.

Using a vibration machine can certainly help you fight the disease but it is not a cure. Being overweight is a concern when suffering from diabetes, so weight management is a crucial first step. High amplitude motions at low speeds are a great way to lose weight. Use motions such as Oscillation, or Dynamic Wave, with the speed setting in the lower third of the range.

There certainly are a few brand names out in the market place whose machines look very similar to our machines. It is unfortunate that these no name brands try and ride on the coattails of manufacturers like Vibra Pro and attempt to deceive customers into believing that their machines are as effective or as safe as our machines are. These imitations do not have the same drive systems, electronics or vibration dampeners as our real machine have. One has to wonder if these ‘fly by night operations’ will even be around tomorrow, when you need service.

The Vibra Pro Genesis Elite machine has three motions; Oscillating, Cross Lateral and Dynamic Wave. All 3 motions are high amplitude and low speed. This means that they move very far per cycle and they don’t move very fast. Slow, high amplitude movements are very good at increasing lymphatic drainage and for losing weight. The Cross Lateral movement is very good at helping to straighten the spine and for improving balance. If these are important goals for you, then it would be a great choice of machine.

The Kinetic machine is very easy to operate. It can be operated in full manual mode or for a very easy workout, you can run it in full auto mode. You only need to press the start button. Very easy. The machine is shipped with a full page full color owner’s manual that goes through all the buttons on the machine and explains how to use it. If you’re still not sure what to do, simply call our 1-800 number and speak with a customer service representative who can walk you through the controls.

The new mineral infused Bio Mat is eye catching to say the least. It works as good as it looks too. The mat is infused with 11 different minerals, which improve circulation and boost the ‘satellite cells’ naturally found in the blood. These special cells (myosatellite cells) circulate through the blood stream and look for damaged tissue, and once they find any, they transform themselves into healing cells to re-build the damaged or missing tissue. Pretty amazing science behind it all. Here’s a link to an independent medical research paper to better explain the process. and another link for more information

It’s a difficult question to answer without more information. Please take a moment to call us and speak with one of our vibration experts. Depending upon what your knee injury was caused by or what specific damage has occurred to your knee, there are various methods of treatment and various machines that would be most effective for that treatment.

The Kinetic Touch K7 has a flat touch screen with no knobs, dials or buttons. Not only does this make operation of the controls easier, it also makes it considerably easier to clean the surface as well. The control panel is often touched by many different users with sweaty hands and this area can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Typically, it’s not easy to properly clean traditional control panel surfaces, with protruding buttons and dials, where the corners get built up with dirt and mold. The new flat smooth touch screen makes this task very easy with a soft damp cloth.

It’s true that many people ask us for help on deciding which machine is right for them. We encourage people to talk to us and ask questions. The decision-making process may be easy for you, but for others it is not that clear. They may have other factors to consider that you are not aware of. We are never going to force people to decide, without giving them the opportunity to ask us for advice. After all, that’s why were here, to help.

The Sport and the Kinetic have identical motions and speeds. But they have many other differences, which would make one better suited for you than the other. The Sport has vertical handlebars on the sides, where the Kinetic has 2 horizontal handles and vertical handles for holding onto. The Kinetic has a larger platform surface than the Sport. The Kinetic has larger more powerful motors compared to the Sport. The larger motors on the Kinetic gives it a higher user weight rating as well. The Kinetic Touch has 9 built in programs where as the Sport only has 3 internal programs. The Kinetic is overall heavier than the Sport and the Kinetic is rated for full commercial usage, where the Sport is only rated for light studio or home use.

Yes, Senior or Military discount can be applied to any Genesis Kinetic, Genesis Sport, or Genesis Elite machine.   For the Genesis Kinetic machine you can apply both discounts simultaneously, for the Genesis Sport and Genesis Elite machine you can only apply one of either the Senior or Military discount.  No discounts are available on the basic Vibra Pro Slim machine.

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