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The Genesis Sport

The Genesis Sport is a dual motor multi motion machine with Oscillating, Spiral Rotational and Soft Triplanar motions. And now with upgradable features such as the Integrated Vibration Dampening System. The Genesis Sport is the slightly smaller cousin of the Genesis Kinetic and offers the same motion types. Quiet, yet powerful DC motors give the Genesis Sport 120 speeds. The Genesis Sport can also accept "personal trainer technology cards" for the easiest workout possible. Well suited for users looking for an all purpose machine.

vibration exercise
vibration exercise
vibration exercise

The Genesis Sport follows in the footsteps of the hugely popular Genesis Kinetic with the same motion styles and the same great build quality. Users wanted all the benefits of the Genesis Kinetic in a slightly smaller and more economical package. The Genesis Sport has dual motors and identical motion to the Genesis Kinetic, making it one of the most effective whole body vibration machines of all time. Equipped to offer both premium oscillation motion and spiral rotational motion which can be operated separately or combined, this machine has it all and more.

The Genesis Sport has upgradable features like the built-in card reader for using pre-designed program cards that automatically run the motors and selects the correct speeds to give the user the best possible workout in the shortest time. Steel skirt construction and innovative handle bar design make this machine extremely durable and functional. Boasting 186% more effectiveness for weight loss than a basic single oscillation machine, the Genesis Sport is one of the most effective whole body vibration machines in existence.

Large oversized motors and thermally protected electronics make the Genesis Sport almost bullet proof. Newly designed internal vibration dampener removes over 80% of all non-harmonic vibrations from the user. Newly designed motors and drive system reduce G Forces to well below acceptable levels. New mat is made from a special material that is impervious to water or sweat, so there is no possibility of mold, mildew or fungus over time. Closed-cell foam on handlebars will not absorb moisture or perspiration.

The Genesis Sport Benefits and Effectiveness

muscle toning 95%
weight loss 92%
strength training 87%
bone density 92%
lympathic drainage 95%
balance 95%


Your Genesis Sport comes in two boxes. All the parts are carefully packaged inside, including assembly tools, user manual and all accessories.

Included In Box:
Owner's Manual, Power Cord, Assembly Tool, Parts, Firm Upper Body Workout Straps, and Soft Upper Body Workout Straps

1 32 inches 28 inches 14 inches
2 57 inches 15 inches 14 inches

Physical Dimension


The Genesis Sport Features and Details

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Each Vibra Pro Genesis Sport Dampener is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum. Each dampener is precisely calibrated to offset and diffuse any unwanted non-harmonic vibrations emanating from the machine. Vibration dampeners are unique to the Vibra Pro Genesis machines and reduce unwanted vibrations by as much as 96.5%.

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Dual Motion

Utilizing a dual motion system of separate oscillation motion and separate spiral rotational motion or combining both motions to create a triplanar motion, this machine can do it all. The Vibra Pro Genesis Sport has 2 different motors and 2 separate mechanical drive systems that are completely independent of one another. The oscillation motion can provide benefits not found with the spiral rotational motion, and the spiral rotational motion can provide benefits not achieved by the oscillation motion. This one machine can do the work of 2 different machines.

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Carbon Fiber

The Vibra Pro Genesis Sport uses a column made with carbon fiber material and the logo is silkscreen printed onto the column. Competitors' machines use a thin flimsy acrylic panel and simply put a sticker on the column with their company name. The stickers not only look cheap and unattractive but they tend to start peeling from the corner or get scratched very easily, whereas our carbon fiber material is very durable and long lasting, maintaining its original appearance for many years.

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Dual Straps

The Vibra Pro Genesis Sport machine comes with the typical stretchy bungee style upper body straps used for adding cardio exercises into your workout and it comes with another set of more rigid straps that attach to the moving section of the platform and are used for transferring the vibrations to the upper body, arms, neck, back and shoulders. Competitors machines only come with one strap system and in rare cases will come with 2 sets but the machine only has one mounting location so the 2 straps can't be used at the same time. The Genesis Sport has 2 dedicated mounting locations to allow the user to have both types of straps connected and ready to use at any time.

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Special Mat

Unlike most machines on the market that simply use an inexpensive rubber mat, the Vibra Pro Genesis Sport utilizes a special material for the platform pad. The patented Shock Gel mat is designed to reduce or completely remove any joint disturbing shocks emanating from the machine, creating a completely safe and effective workout that will not cause injury to soft tissue or sensitive joints. The Shock Gel is also impregnated with antimicrobial treating which removes any possibility of bacteria growth from perspiration.

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Handle Bar Design

The unique handlebar system on the Vibra Pro Genesis Sport was designed to be usable by many different sized users. It's very important to have handles that keep you centered and balanced over the platform without over reaching, which can place undue strain on one's back. The patented "X Bar" handle system on the Genesis Sport Deluxe is angled back and up to accommodate users from 4'6" to 6'6" in height.

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Handle Bar Foam

Vibra Pro Genesis Sport utilizes double dipped rubber epoxy coated handles. Unlike the cheap open cell foam used by competitors, the rubber dipped epoxy material does not peel, cannot be easily cut and will not twist around the handles. Having a completely closed cell structure the epoxy coating is impervious to water and will not absorb perspiration eliminating any chance of allowing bacterial growth on the handlebars.

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Self-Balancing Feet

The Genesis Sport is designed to be used on a wide variety of surfaces from carpet to tile to hardwood to laminate or concrete. Self-adjusting suction cup style feet hold the machine securely while not damaging the floor. The feet automatically self-level on all but the most extreme un-level floors.

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Base Skirt

One of the highest wear areas on a vibration machine is the skirt section surrounding the base of the platform. This location is typically subjected to kicking, scraping and scuffing. Though most machine manufacturers use inexpensive blow molded plastic for the skirt, Vibra Pro made the decision to utilize a heavy steel one piece skirt welded to the rest of the base. Powder coated painting process and clear coating after painting keeps the appearance looking like new for many years. Virtually impossible to crack or damage, this skirt is built to last. The added weight of the steel skirt also helps stabilize the machine and aid in properly focusing the vibration from the machine.

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Dura Frame Motors

The driving force behind the Genesis Sport is its dual motor system. Vibra Pro re-engineered their motor to use 35% less energy yet still produce 25% more torque. Internal air cooling systems in our Power Tech motors run cooler than traditional motors, increasing their usable life by more than 50%.

vibration machine


To ensure years of trouble free use, Vibra Pro electronic motherboards are double soldered, which guarantees continuous electrical contact to sensitive electronic components, which could otherwise deteriorate over time or come loose under continuous vibrations produced by the equipment. Competitors' products use single soldered boards to lower production costs at the expense of reliability.

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Air Cooled Fans

Vibra Pro installs electric cooling fans on their motherboards to lower internal operating temperatures by as much as 30%, which increase the effective life span of the machine by 90%. Competitors units will use the less expensive un-cooled electronics which tend to fail on 40% of their machines within the first 2 years.

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Low EMF DC Motors

Vibra Pro's patented Power Tech electric motors are exclusive to the Genesis Sport machine. Power Tech motors use DC current which have far less EMP than cheaper AC motors that are used by our competitors. High level electro-magnetic fields have been proven to be health hazards by the World Health Organization.

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All Vibra Pro Genesis Sport machines are calibrated before packaging to ensure that all vibration energy produced by the machine is pure harmonic vibration. This process completely eliminates any stray non-sinusoidal transient energy from being transferred to the user, completely negating any chance of soft tissue or joint damage.

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Easy Assembly

Vibra Pro Genesis machines are pre-assembled at the factory and tested and calibrated then slightly dismantled for packaging. This ensures that the parts will fit together properly when it arrives at your home. All tools required for the assembly are also provided in the box. Additionally, the machine ships with a full color, full page owner's manual with simple to understand photos of the assembly process.