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The 5500 Slim

The 5500 Slim is the quietest oscillation machine ever built. Well suited for home use or in a studio setting. Gentle motion that is safe for people with painful joints or recent soft tissue damage. The 5500 Slim is well suited for those looking for effortless weight loss, improved lymphatic drainage or improved balance.

vibration exercise
vibration exercise
vibration exercise
vibration exercise

The Vibra Pro 5500 Slim is a superior class oscillating fitness machine utilizing our patented Premium Oscillation movement. This patented movement makes the Vibra Pro 5500 Slim feel extremely smooth, yet is powerful enough to offer a great workout. The Vibra Pro 5500 Slim is a great choice for home use and even light commercial duty. This vibration machine is built to help users achieve their goals. From weight loss, body sculpting, and assistance with improving lymphatic drainage, this machine can help a variety of people.

Form meets function with the Vibra Pro 5500 Slim. This is a machine that is well suited for placement in a living room, with its unique ultra quiet motor. Superior noise suppression technology is also integrated into the movement mechanism to decrease noise. Great for use in apartment situations or anywhere where noise is a concern. Roller wheels on the back make moving the machine a simple task.

Simplicity by design. Using the Vibra Pro 5500 Slim is easy, thanks to its large over sized easy to read display panel. Simple on, off, speed up, and speed down buttons make this the easiest machine to operate.

vibration machine CONSOLE. Simplicity by design. Clear, easy to understand display of the speed, time, and user mode (three programs and manual mode). Simple on / off buttons. Many users prefer this no frills approach to head design. Clean and simple.
vibration machine BASE PLATFORM. The Vibra Pro 5500 Slim has a wide base platform with foot position markings included. The entire platform is oscillating, so it doesn't matter where you stand on the base to receive a proper workout.

Physical Dimension


The 5500 Slim Benefits and Effectiveness

muscle toning 70%
weight loss 80%
strength training 70%
bone density 40%
lympathic drainage 40%
balance 20%


Your Vibra Pro 5500 Slim comes in two boxes. All the parts are carefully packaged inside, including assembly tools, user manual and all accessories.

Included In Box:
Owner's Manual, Power Cord, Assembly Tool, Parts, Soft Upper Body Workout Straps x 2

1 9.5 inches 24 inches 27 inches
2 52 inches 21 inches 11 inches