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The 5500 Power

The 5500 Power is the bigger cousin of the 5500 Slim, offering faster speeds and more powerful motion system. Though still considered a level 1 oscillating machine this powerful machine can also be used for strength training. Easy to read oversized LCD display is easy to operate. The 5500 Power also includes flexible upper body straps to help workout the shoulders, arms, neck and back muscles.

vibration exercise
vibration exercise
vibration exercise
vibration exercise

Our most popular whole body vibration machine is the culmination of years of R & D and customer feedback. Users asked for a more powerful motor so we equipped the Vibra Pro 5500 Power with the state of art Ricco motor which utilizes an oversized coiling structure to maximize power without excess heat, which keeps the motor from overheating. Users asked for larger platform sizes, so we created the Vibra Pro 5500 Power with a huge platform area to allow more pose possibilities. Users wanted more programs. The Vibra Pro 5500 Power has a manual mode and 5 built in programs, compared to the standard three programs found on other machines. Users wanted higher speeds, so we built the Vibra Pro 5500 Power with 22 speeds, far more the standard 10 of inferior machines.

Some machines on the market have cryptic control panels that are hard to read. Our engineers designed the Vibra Pro 5500 Power with a blue backlit LCD display panel that shows vital information such as as frequency, speed and has a diagram graph view of the program speeds.

vibration machine CONSOLE. Large easy to read blue backlit display. The units five pre-programmed modes have clearly lit program indicators and graphic displays of program speeds. Built in calorie counter and heart rate monitor are included with this feature rich head display.
vibration machine BASE PLATFORM. Soft dimpled rubber mat is great for use with or without shoes. The included body straps are easily attached by simple hook up. Extra wide base and platform allows for increased pose options when using the Vibra Pro 5500 Power.

Physical Dimension


The 5500 Power Benefits and Effectiveness

muscle toning 75%
weight loss 85%
strength training 70%
bone density 55%
lympathic drainage 65%
balance 45%


Your Vibra Pro 5500 Power comes in one box. All the parts are carefully packaged inside, including assembly tools, usermanual and all accessories.

Included In Box:
Owner's Manual, Power Cord, Assembly Tool, Parts, Upper Body Workout Straps x 2

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