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The P2 Power

The P2 Power from Vibra Pro is the first "safe-to-use" hard tri-planar vibration machine. Borrowing from the Genesis Kinetic technology, the P2 Power from Vibra Pro, is equipped with 4 rubber vibration dampeners permanently mounted to the drive mechanism, ensuring a safe and effective workout every time. The P2 Power moves up/down, side to side and front/back at the same time. Adjustable amplitude gives you complete control for a hard or gentle workout. Twin motor design supplies plenty of power, even for demanding users. No more dials or knobs to turn, the P2 Power comes with 4 selectable speeds and 4 pre-set timers for quick starts to your workout.

The world's first hard tri-planar whole body vibration machine equipped with a vibration dampening system. Unlike other hard tri-planar machines which can be very damaging to soft tissue and joints, the P2 Power has been specially designed with 4 rubber vibration dampeners to remove unwanted non-harmonic vibrations from ever reaching the user./p>

Strong, yet gentle low amplitude, high speed vibrations are great for strength training, increasing bone density and improving circulation. Dual 400 watt motors have been synchronized for maximum effectiveness. The P2 Power is equipped with our new patented "Power Lock Drive System". You can actually hear the drive mechanism lock when starting, and unlock when stopped. This audible clicking sound assures you that both drive motors have fully engaged, guaranteeing you the best possible workout. With the ability to engage/disengage the motors, we are now able to add our revolutionary "Dampening System" to the P2 Power.

Main column is built from vibration dampening re-enforced fiberglass and the one piece platform is reinforced with a cast iron base. Soft and durable attached rubber mat allows bare foot, socked or shoed use. The Vibra Pro P2 Power machine comes with a set of upper body rigid straps which allow for a complete upper body workout including arms, shoulders, back and neck. Air cooled electronics. Easy to read oversized display panel for easy operation.

vibration machine CONSOLE. No dials, just simple easy press buttons, with pre-sets for time and speed settings. Oversized LED display is easy to read. Switchable amplitude button for soft or hard workouts.
vibration machine BASE PLATFORM. Once piece seamless platform design has no pinch points, making it very safe to use. Reinforced cast iron base. Large oversized rubber mat is permanently fused to the platform. No need to place a mat on the platform prior to usage.

Physical Dimension


The P2 Power Benefits and Effectiveness

muscle toning 90%
weight loss 75%
strength training 95%
bone density 93%
lympathic drainage 65%
balance 65%


Your Vibra Pro P2 Power arrives in two boxes (one box for the column and one box for the base) on a single pallet.

All the parts are carefully packaged inside, including assembly tools, user manual and all accessories.

Included In Box:
Owner's Manual, Power Cord, Assembly Tool, Parts, Workout Straps

1 30.5 inches 29.5 inches 12 inches
2 47.5 inches 12.5 inches 9.5 inches