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Necessity is the mother of invention. The age old adage holds true for us at Vibra Pro, as our R & D team has always lead us to create and engineer the impossible to meet a specific goal. A great number of our machines and the parts inside them have been created from scratch because there was no other suitable alternative. Our design teams mastermind the creation of a new machine that will outperform the previous machine, but there may not be existing technology available to achieve the desired goal. So our engineers take it to the next level by designing the new components that can meet their demands for inclusion in their new machine ideas.


For example our new Genesis Sport was the first machine to offer Spiral rotational motion, since there are so many great benefits derived from that motion style. However, to achieve this motion style there needs to be a moving platform that runs independently from, but is moved by 2 separate mechanical systems. Its like having the engine of your car drive your car while at the same having the engine spin in circles under the hood. Though our build team understands the R & D teams desire to create this new machine because it can benefit so many people and do so without harm, the build team, simply can't build one because there is no available connection piece for this design.


So the engineers go to task to create a new connection system that will do the job so we can continue to make the entire machine. They develop a new “O” ring connection system that holds different drive pieces together and allows the independent movement of both pieces while keeping them connected to one another. Though it sounds impossible, our engineers designed and built it in less than 2 years from start to finish. The machine performed exactly as expected, however, the completed machine and its new “O” ring design did not hold up to our expectations in our testing laboratories. The machines drive systems showed signs of failure after only 2 weeks of continuous operation with a load of 250 Lbs. This equates to approximately 5.5 years of regular usage, based upon usage of 10 minutes per day every day of the year. With over 30 % failure rate we could not release the machine so the technicians had to come up with a better connection system, something that would hold up to our rigorous testing.

After 3 months of designing, the team had built a prototype of a new connection system and it went into the testing labs once again. After 6 weeks of continuous usage, the device was pulled out for inspection and it showed absolutely no signs of wear. This 6 week test equals over 15 years of daily usage. The design teams knew it was a success, but the only problem was that this prototype cost well over $100,000 to build. The issue was that there was no known bonding process to attach the 2 main components of the system together.

The design team knew it had another challenge to deal with. After 18 months they had built a brand new machine press that could bond the 2 pieces together permanently. This machine cost almost $600,000. The C450 press exerts over 45 tons of pressure on the 2 components while at the same time a RF signal is sent through the components to reach extremely high internal temperatures that activate the binding agents under pressure. This process takes only 1.5 seconds and so does not raise the temperature of the connecting metal rods which keeps them from getting brittle, yet achieves the bonding strength that was desired. Again the newly produced pieces were re-introduced for testing and after 6 weeks were pulled out for evaluation. Again these parts showed absolutely no signs of deterioration. Shortly after, production was resumed of the Genesis Sport and the Genesis Kinetic was released shortly after. Both of these machines utilize the main connection hub system that is integral to its longevity. Vibra Pro has the only machine of its kind in the world. Competitors that tried to copy our machine designs are still using an “O” ring system that will fail in 78% of all machines that they manufacture, because they have no other method of joining the 2 pieces. In the 3 years that the Sport and Kinetic have been in the field, there has been less than 0.3% failure rate, and the drive systems have never been the cause of any failures to date. This was another example of how our engineers showed perseverance and determination to make a better machine. Thinking outside the box is the Vibra Pro engineering teams philosophy.


Another interesting technological development that was a real collaborative effort is the Genesis Elite. This machine has a great deal of technological innovations that were developed specifically for the machine.

Firstly the Genesis Elite has 2 brand new motion styles that are not seen in any other machine in the world. The Elite has oscillation motion which is fairly common and is very beneficial for concerns like weight loss, improved balance and increased lymphatic drainage. Generally speaking the slower speed of oscillating machines combined with their relatively high amplitudes is well suited for those types of concerns. After reading through some R & D test results on high amplitude motions effectiveness, the designers wanted to improve on the basic oscillation motion. They turned their attention to the concept of Cross Lateral motion and set out to build a drive system that could perform as required. They built the new Cross Lateral system to have 16 mm of displacement. That’s almost 50% more than traditional oscillation machines. The designers didn’t stop there, they wanted a third motion added to the Genesis Elite. They wanted to add to the effectiveness of the Elite and they had been studying the effects of Dynamic Waves and thought it would be a great addition to the Elite. Dynamic wave has the ability to incorporate many other muscles in their reflexive response to the machines movements.