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researchDevelopment of heat dissipating electronics

Research & Development

Vibra Pro owes a great deal of its success to our longstanding philosophy of “building innovative products by design based on substantial research”. So Research and Development is an important division of our company that is where all our new machines originate.

After we released the original VP 3000 we realized that we could improve upon the machine for our next release. It was felt that though we could improve on the machines mechanical systems, there was more that could be achieved. We decided to allocate large funding to thoroughly research the effects of whole body vibration training to better understand exactly how it works, and why it is so effective. It was thought that if we really understood the concept, we could improve on the concept, not just improve the mechanical systems.

researchCollaboration of different departments

We placed a great number of machines in different universities for their independent evaluations and clinical trials, then waited for them to release independent medical reports on the machines after thoroughly testing their effectiveness on a wide ranging variety of people. We studied the reports and did our own in house research as well. We began to see the effects of whole body vibration training having vastly different results on different groups of people based upon characteristics such as speed (frequency), amplitude (distance of plate motion), direction of motion, time length of use, G Force levels, poses that were used on the machine and how frequently and abruptly the motion speed and direction were altered. We also began to notice that there were situations when people were not showing any signs of receiving benefits from time spent on the machines. This was later revealed to demonstrate that certain motion types are not beneficial for specific conditions, and conversely using the correct motion type with proper instructions from trained supervisors would demonstrate huge benefits for people. After proper evaluation we treated those same individuals with what we considered to be the correct machines and they were instructed to use the particular poses that our trainers suggested, and there was a remarkable difference in results. Participants showed large gains in muscle strength, increased bone density and so on, just as our research had suggested. This caused our R & D team to further investigate varying motion types and their effectiveness.

research Development of new mounting system

Research was initiated on several different motion types and we further developed some of the following motion styles:

As you can see there are many different types of vibrations to study and there is an entire scientific community dedicated to the science of waves and vibrations. The Vibra Pro research team is headed by engineers that studied under Dr. Daniel Russell, who is considered the worlds leading expert on wave studies, and is the lead professor at Penn State and was a physics professor at Kettering univeristy. Our Research team understands that very minor changes to a wave can dramatically alter its effects on its surroundings or its intended purpose.

researchTesting of new bonding agents
researchStress testing new platform mats

The effects of Harmonic dampening of a sinusoidal wave were also studied as any forced vibration dampening can also alter a wave form and can be used to remove specific frequencies of vibrations to minimize the risk of damage to soft tissue and eliminate any risk of joint damage to the user.

Though we patented the world's first vibration dampening system for whole body vibration machines back in 2007, our first implementation of the forced vibration dampening system was not released until 2013 and was first seen in North America on the Genesis Kinetic machine. After many years of study it was realized that there was no other effective way to remove any of the harmful effects of vibration therapy other than by using a dampening system. To this day Vibra Pro is the only vibration company in the world that utilizes any vibration dampening on their machines. The closest thing to it by a competitor is with Power Plates "air bladder" system, which effectively places an air balloon between the platform and the mechanical motion system. This type of system has the benefit of low production cost but also removes many of the beneficial waves that the machine is intended to produce. Vibra Pro's unique patented vibration dampening costs more to build and each dampener must be tuned to the specific machine that it is mated to, however, it is far more effective at only removing unwanted vibrations and allowing all other good vibrations to pass through, undiffused.