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Manufacturing Process

Vibra Pro has been manufacturing and distributing whole body vibration machines since 1997. The very first machine we produced was the VP 3000, which was an oscillating machine and quickly became one of the most popular whole body vibration machines of its time. Our philosophy at the time was to create a machine that was at the forefront of technology and offered users the best possible workout in a fraction of the time that was needed for traditional exercise.

For nearly two decades, our philosophy has not changed but our technology and manufacturing processes have improved dramatically each and every year.

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Our production has always been driven by the research that our engineers perform. Through better understanding of how vibration training affects the human body we have improved upon the basic oscillation motion machine. We continue to develop newer technology and production machinery necessary to build more advanced vibration machines in the future.

Many of the newer movement systems, we developed such as spiral rotational, cross lateral, and dynamic wave have necessitated the advancement of our manufacturing processes to offer us the ability of being able to actually manufacture what the engineers foresee as the next, best machine.

Many of the Vibra Pro whole body vibration machines have become best sellers in over 18 counties worldwide and we have received numerous international awards for our designs and advancements in vibration technology. In fact, many of our awards are from the engineering community. They have praised us for the advancements we have made in the manufacturing process in our factories.

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We have built new state of the art furnaces that produce many of the aluminum alloy pieces in our machines.

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We have designed and built new hydraulic presses that incorporate RF bonding solutions for joining dissimilar materials. We have built one of a kind calibration system to meet the demands of our engineers. Our new machines have all needed manufacturing advancements to be able to get to the level where we can actually build what is available today and tomorrow.

The R&D division of Vibra Pro has given our manufacturing engineers great challenges over the years and we are proud of the fact that we have kept up with their vision of the future of whole body vibration training and we look forward to the next advancements that will be forthcoming in the near future.